The Baffler Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization registered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the purpose of publishing The Baffler magazine and its related educational enterprises. Since we work outside the directives of the market system, we have to create our own standards, like staying in print, paying all our contributors, and refusing ads and interns. Bread, roses, and baffling!

Some of our donors, like the 308 kind souls who chipped in $20,000 and change during our 2012 kickstarter campaign, typically give in $25 and $50 amounts, while others—maybe mistaking our Baffler for the Baffler golf club line—send us $100 and $500 amounts. We’ll gladly accept whatever you care to send. The magazine has enjoyed significant institutional backing from MIT Press Journals since 2012, budding off a model for cooperative publishing that we’re now extending into books and events.

So pay no mind to dime-a-dozen hucksters of the new media future who pronounce magazines like ours over and done with. They’ve been whistling the same tune for years, but here we are, ready to increase magazine production, to add full-time staff, and to bring our writers to your local forum.

If you want to request a copy of our tax forms or charitable bona fides, or if you want to be in touch with the Baffler Foundation’s president, just send us a note through this contact page, and we’ll respond shortly. Meanwhile, have a gander at our online store of art prints, back issues, and books for sale. You can donate through the store too.

Thank you!

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